Precise Quality Service - We handle your sorting,assembling, light machining and deliveries
Precise Quality Services

Providing Quality Services Since 2010!

     PQS   is   a   sorting   service   that   provides   timely,   cost-effective  solutions  to  your  immediate  quality concerns.
     We provide trained teams that maintain a commitment  to integrity,  efficiency  and a drive  to  providing  effective answers  to  your  immediate  quality  control  needs.  Our on- site  managers  offer  rapid  response  times  to  all  of our  clients. With  clear  communication  and  complete transparency  throughout  all  of  our  work  processes,  you can  rest  assured  that  we  will  work  hard  to  ensure  that your  production  never  slows,  keeping  your  business running  smoothly!

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